Bryan Fuller
Television writer and producer
Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me
Fuller has a boyfriend, designer Scott Roberts.
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Bryan Fuller (b. July 27, 1969) is a scriptwriter and television producer whose shows include Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me.


Fuller graduated from Clarkston High School in Clarkston, Washington in 1987. He attended Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho before transferring to the USC Film School.


Fuller began his television career writing for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in 1997. He also wrote 21 episodes of Star Trek: Voyager, where he became executive story editor in 1999 and co-producer in 2000.

In 2003, Fuller created his first show, Dead Like Me, which aired for two seasons on Showtime.

Fuller co-created Wonderfalls with Todd Holland for FOX in 2004. Thirteen episodes were produced, although the low-rated show was cancelled after four episodes. The full season was released on DVD in 2005.

Fuller's new series, Pushing Daisies, began airing on ABC in October 2007.

Gay and lesbian characters

On Dead Like Me, the main character's father, Clancy Lass (played by Greg Kean) was originally intended to be gay. However, Fuller says that the production studio, MGM-TV, pulled that storyline:

In the pilot episode, George's father hugged a guy, setting up a future storyline in which George realizes her dad was gay and that her life actually wasn't supposed to be. It was central to the theme that we don't know the value of a life until its too late. But MGM cut the scene and storyline out. [1]

This was just one unpleasant aspect of Fuller's stormy relationship with MGM.

I had arguments where they would tell me I didn't know what a pretty woman looks like because I'm a gay man. It was the worst type of gross old boy studio experience you could imagine. They were constantly trying to strong arm me. It was the worst experience of my life. [2]

On his next project, Wonderfalls, Fuller and co-creator Todd Holland did create a lesbian character -- the main character's sister, Sharon Tyler (played by Katie Finneran).

Todd and I are both openly gay, and I think we feel a responsibility to having gay characters on shows we create. I had a gay character on Dead Like Me, and unfortunately after I left that show they made the character straight, which I did not appreciate and frankly, thought was really shitty. But that was just one of many things about that situation that was uncool. It’s also a point of view that Todd and I share: we can write about Sharon’s perspective of being gay because I know what that feels like. It’s not a point of view that you see often on TV, so it’s a little more fresh, a little less trodden, and just opens the door on storytelling. [3]

Opinions about gay TV

In a 2007 interview, Fuller described the Showtime series Queer as Folk as "loathsome":

I do see the purpose that Queer as Folk serves. There is a chance for people to look around and say “Okay, there are gay people all around us.” But for me, I hated all the gay people on the show. If anything, I would be the character in the parking lot with the baseball bat. They were all, down the line, just loathsome people and I really resented them being at the forefront representing homosexual culture when they were all so reprehensible. I would much rather have Will and Jack [from Will and Grace] representing me than any of those people on “Queer as Folk.” Any day of the week. They’re icky. [4]

Personal life

Fuller has a boyfriend, designer Scott Roberts. [5]

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